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Galileo.Opere di Galileo Galilei linceo nobile fiorentino, Già Lettore delle Matematiche nelle Università di Pisa, e di Padova, di poi Sopraordinario nello Studio di Pisa. Primario Filosofo e matematico del serenissimo Gran Duca di Toscana. In questa nuoua editione insieme raccolte, e di varij Trattati dell’istesso Autore non più stampati accresciute. Al Serenissimo Ferdinando II Gran Duca di Toscana.Bologna: Heredi del Dozza, 1655-1656.

2 volumes, 4to (231x166 mm). Engraved frontispiece by Stefano Della Bella, portrait of Galileo by Villamena, one folding plate, woodcut headpieces, initials, illustration and diagrams. Occasional light browning, minor spotting or soiling in places, 4 leaves misbound, long restored tear to pp.79/80 in Delle macchie solari, two marginal restorations in blank margin but overall a very fine and tall copy in contemporary Italian vellum over boards, manuscript title on spines.

The Saint Office’s conviction and resulting order that no writing by the scientist from Pisa whether already published or not, could be published had strengthened in Galileo the resolve to edit personally a collection of his writings, to be published outside Italy. Towards the end of 1634, the French mathematician Pierre Carcaville, during a visit to Arcetri, offered to treat in person and at his costs, a collection of Galileo’s writings. Galileo welcomed the proposal and he himself sent to Carcavilla his “not to be published” writings to be included in the collection, advising on the edition.Then, almost all at once, the talks between Carcaville and him broke off and the project seemed to be halted definitively. The reason is to be found in the new negotiations that Galileo, through Fulgenzio Micanzio, had commenced with Lodewijk Elzevir whom, precisely at that time, was tending to the publication of the Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche. Again this time Galileo, eager to fulfill his desire to publish a collection of his complete works, enthusiastically embarked on the undertaking and involved Marco Ambrogetti as well, giving him the task of translating his works into Latin, to make them more easily accessible to foreign scholars. In the autumn of 1637 the translations had been completed and Galileo himself informed Lodewijk Elzevir, who in turn declared himself ready to commence publication. Once more, nonetheless, for reasons we ignore, the talks were interrupted: as a consequence, Galileo’s desire to gather his complete works in one sole edition faded away.After the Master’s death, his last and devoted disciple, Vincenzo Viviani, set about looking for Galilean writings and documents. He made a request to his colleagues and co-disciples, with the purpose of realizing a great edition of Galileo’s works, to include also an account of Galileo’s life, which he had personally written upon the request of prince Leopoldo de’ Medici.Viviani did not succeed in his intent to realize this collection, and therefore most of the materials were sent to the courageous publisher Carlo Manolessi: actually, the publication of Galileo’s writings was viewed with great suspicion by the ecclesiastic authorities, even though only the Dialogo and the Lettera a Cristina di Lorena were banned; in addition to this, in 1644 Manolessi himself had been condemned to three years of imprisonment because of his possession of forbidden books in his workshop. This edition constitutes the basis for the edition of Bolonia, 1655-1656.“Questa prima edizione curata dal Manolessi, sebbene assai meno copiosa delle susseguenti, è di Crusca, ed è tuttavia tenuta in grande estimazione: la idea da lui avuta di comprendervi alcuni scritti degli oppositori di Galileo creò, è ben vero, un antecedente che doveva pesare sulle edizioni posteriori ma ad ogni modo fu ottimo partito, poiché la conoscenza di molti tra essi è indispensabile a comprendere le repliche del nostro filosofo” (A. Favaro, Per l’edizione nazionale delle opere di Galileo Galilei…, Firenze 1888 p.10).

Cinti 132; Riccardi, I 518-519; Carli e Favaro 251

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