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SANNAZARO, JACOPO - Archadia del Sannazaro. (At the end, leaf numb. 79v, colophon:) Stampato in Bologna per el diligente impressore maestro Francescho da Bologna ne lanno de la Nativita del Signore 1516 adi 3 ottobrio.
Small 16mo (the leaf mm 101 x 50), attractive dark red morocco binding, gilt in gold on covers and spine with red edges.
The first 2 leaves with a tiny hole restored (affecting a few letters in the 2nd leaf, carefully supplied). The first leaf is blank, except for a short-title placed on recto.
Leave 66 misbound after 67, and well leaf 71 is misplaced after leaf 70; at the end is missing last blank leaf, for else all the book still in good condition, but with narrow margins.

All the text printed in a very small italic (cursive) type, on 35 lines, leaves numb. 79 (of 80, missing the last blank leaf placed after the colophon, supplied by a late blank leaf).
Signat. A8 - K8.

This is one of the only 6 known editions printed in Bologna by Francesco Griffo, the famous punchcutter and author of the italic type designed and cut upon Aldus’ request, for his new and revolutionary 8vo edition for which the Venetian government granted him a copyright exactly for the printing with these new fonts.

After the falling down with Aldus' relationship (he collaborated also with Gershom Soncino in Fano and Ottaviano Petrucci in Fossombrone) he moved away from Venice and in 1516, after he returned to Bologna, Griffo was charged in trial with the murder of his son-in-law, and probably executed by hanging in 1518/19.
Further news about him can be found in the work "Chi era Francesco da Bologna ?" by Antonio Panizzi, London 1858 (and 1873, reprinted).

The other known editions till now are the following
2) the Corbaccio or Labirinto d'amore, by G. Boccaccio, Bologna 1516;
3) the Canzoniere and Trionfi by Petrarca, Bologna 20th september 1516;
4) the Bembo's Asolani, Bologna 30th october 1516;
5) a single sheet printed in Bologna for some University teachers, Quid est quod aut uariae occupationes impedire aut diutina instantia efficere non possit licet tamen Celsus lib. X digestorum putet eam esse causam ..., by Angelo Belliardi;
6) the Valerius Maximus's Dictorum et factorum memorabilium libri nouem, Bologna 24th january 1517.

Of utmost great rarity, extremely important for the history of the printing, and apparently never passed on the market in the last 30 years.

Apparently not listed in Italy on Edit16/ICCU, the italian census of the XVIth's editions , but only reported by BMC STC it p. 606, and quoted by OCLC.

Price: 1 200.00 EUR